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Group Meditation

Dates are currently being secured for public group meditation sessions in December 2022 and into 2023!

Check back again soon, or sign up to my email list (if you haven't already) to receive my group meditation announcements.

Now Accepting:

2023 bookings for Retreats, Events, and Private Group Meditations!

To inquire for your preferred dates, please email me at:

Important Notes:

Public Group Meditations are 30 minutes.

Investment is $20 per session and must be reserved ahead of time as seating is limited. Please save your seat with Ash by calling/text 250-488-2056

*Exception to hike & meditation days:

Please allow 2 hours for the hike and meditation to take place. Directions will be given when in contact with Ash!


No-shows & cancellations on the day the meditation is held are non-refundable.

Refunds will be honored for cancellations that happen with at least 24 hours notice.

Refunds will be honored for outdoor sessions that are disrupted due to rain or harsh weather conditions.

Stay Connected

Facebook & Instagram: @ashericmeditation


Travel for event, retreat, and group meditation bookings can be requested!

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About Ash

Meditation Teacher & Author

Title coming soon: Explore Meditation: The Path to a Consistent Practice

With 20 years of experience studying and practicing meditation, Ash has grown to cherish sharing the practice and the impact it's had in her life. Ash has been teaching meditation since 2017; guiding meditation classes, facilitating workshops, as well as writing and recording guided meditations for audio.


With her roots in Buddhist Mindfulness, Ash has also explored Primordial Sound Meditation-- acquiring her PSM Teacher Training Certification from the Chopra Centre in 2019. Motivated by her community's interest for meditative tools at the onset 2020, Ash created Asheric Meditation as a way to share community connection and healing in a much needed time. Her current projects include her first book Explore Meditation: The Path to a Consistent Practice, as well as a new collection of meditation sessions to be found on the Insight Timer App in early 2023.

Outside of sharing her love for meditation and writing, Ash enjoys exploring the solitude of nature, as well as the open road in search of BC's best dirty chai latte and food-truck delights. 

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