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Meditate with Ash

Inner World Stillness for Outer World Growth

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Meditation Sessions

May 2024: I'm enjoying my Spring break this month; sessions and bookings will be available again in June! Please email me your inquiries :)

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Free Guided Meditations!

Download the Insight Timer app (for free) and find my collection of guided meditations under the Teacher Name: Ash Walter

" The best meditation app with the world's largest FREE library of more than 200k guided meditations, 17k teachers & the world's most loved meditation Timer."


Hey it's Ash!

Author & Meditation Teacher

Having devoted over two decades to the study and practice of meditation, Ash has developed a deep appreciation for imparting the transformative impact this practice can have on individual and collective wellness. Since 2017, Ash has been actively involved in teaching meditation in the Okanagan region, leading classes, hosting workshops, and crafting guided meditation sessions for platforms like Insight Timer.

Drawing from her background in Buddhist Mindfulness and her exploration of Primordial Sound Meditation, Ash expanded her expertise by obtaining her PSM Teacher Training Certification from the Chopra Centre in 2019. Fueled by the growing interest in meditative practices within her community at the start of 2020, Ash launched Asheric Meditation as a means to foster communal connection and facilitate healing during a time of heightened need.

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