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I'm not a regular meditation teacher;
I'm a cool meditation teacher!

Hi! I’m Ashley Eric Walter, but you can call me Ash.
(Yes, my middle name really is Eric.)

Let me start by saying that meditation is not about perfection. I am not some super zen shaman who has it all figured out. But I do know a thing or two about meditation and how it can change your life.

My life began with more challenges than most. I spent a long time living in fear and learning how to survive in a place of trauma. I needed safety and peace. In 7th grade, about 20 years ago now, a school lesson on Buddhism became my gateway to meditation. 


When my outer or inner world was in chaos, I’d turn to meditation. For years, it was the cooling salve on my soul’s wounds. But coming in and out of practice didn’t allow me to build on my own progress. The cycle would repeat itself.

And then I hit rock bottom.


Quickest way to my heart: spontaneous dance parties; any dish made from potato;  deep conversation sprinkled with references to comedies.


My biggest personal wish is to have my love of meditation take me to beautiful places around the world to share moments of peace and unity.

In a moment of deep, soul-crushing crisis, I once again turned to meditation as the "crisis meditator" while feeling desperate to ease my discomfort. With the walls down, there was finally space for myself, my truest self, to be heard. In that moment I finally surrendered to the knowing that I needed to prioritize my own wellness with proactive strategy.


I needed to start experiencing life. Like, truly experience life-- not just waiting around for things to happen; waiting for happiness to pop up; waiting for health to bloom on it's own; waiting for the validation of others to fill me up... because the true source of my fulfillment can only come from within. From the intention and attention that I place on my life's experience. 

That moment changed the trajectory of my life. I made a vow that I would do my best to be the person I wished for so long to have enter my life and guide me along my way. In becoming that person, I found passion; I realized I can also be this person that others need too.


Someone who can sit in darkness with others, without judgement; someone who can share peace and joy no matter the chaos that surrounds; someone who will celebrate every small moment, because life is a magnificent gift. Someone who can share this journey.

Today, I am a Chopra Center certified meditation teacher. I dedicate myself to helping people find meaningful, sustainable change and peace in their inner-world through creatively designed meditation experiences and timeless meditation insights.


As our inner worlds evolve, we witness the world around us evolve too. I know, because I’ve experienced it myself.


Wishing you the  inner-peace and the freedom to dance like Elaine Benes,

- Ash

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