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You have the power to change the world.

To improve it. To spread joy and peace. To share laughter.

To help love and compassion flourish.

You can do that.

It’s not even a superpower. We’re all born with this ability, and we all carry it with us to this day. But sometimes things get muddy.

As the years go by, we start to doubt ourselves; we only see the unbridled joy, love, and optimism of our youth in fleeting moments. Perhaps at a wedding or in holding the door open for a smiling stranger.


Maybe it’s that moment with good friends when we laugh so hard that we pee a little, doubled over in fits of giggles as the tears stream down our cheeks. Sometimes the fleeting moment is in the mirror, on a morning when the light hits just right, and for the first time, we kind of like that little wrinkle.


But then we take a step forward, and our mind reverts back. We’re filled with noisy waves of anxiety, worried thoughts, and self-doubt.

Well, that’s shitty. Good thing you don’t have to keep doing it!

Through meditation, you can harness inner-world stillness for outer world growth. With a calm and peaceful mind, you discover compassion, safety, and freedom. You are empowered to control your life, manifesting your own joy, success, and contentment.

And you will change the world.

Like ripples, compassion reverberates and resonates as it travels among people and place. Kindness and confidence inspire and comfort people around you, leaving not just their day brighter but brightening their spirit too.

You have the power to change the world for yourself and others.

Asheric Meditation exists to help you on that journey.

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